Revolution Without Inclusion is Going To Kill Us!

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There are certain things that people scream, but don’t mean.
Some things CANNOT exist without the inclusion of ALL BLACK PEOPLE. Simply dancing around it without naming it, doesn’t mean you are inclusive of it.


Black Women Aren’t Women to White Men

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Today was the second time in the last week where a white man came up to me and spoke to me like I was another man. Like I wasn’t a woman. They wanted to confront me and fight me…physically. I didn’t provoke. I know I can and will but I didn’t. Last week someone was filming us and I asked who he was with and he ran up on me in a rage telling me he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants…that he can record me if he wants. Then he rushed off. Today a white man came up to me telling me that if I bring this specific sign to the DA’s office again “there is going to be a fucking problem.”

He said, repeatedly, “we are not pigs” (naw actual pigs are better). He was probably 2 inches from me with his chest in my face….normally im on some “nigga what” but all I could think was that I didnt have anything on me to protect myself from him …and the capitol…and getting stabbed up. He made the threat again and then walked away.

You Gon’ Learn!

Civil Rights, Community, Education, Gentrification, Liberation, Misogynoir, Politics, Rant, War

Where are we when nazi’s feel bold enough to walk in these streets declaring their whiteness?

How about the police?

I know in Sac we are out here dying every couple months from law enforcement, nationally its fucking more ridiculous and GLOBALLY we are trash to this white ass world.

They keep calling people of color minorities but we are the majority of this world!

A few days ago a security guard got killed by police for doing his fucking job!


And the police that took his life are trying to paint this like they honored him as if he was an officer….Hey and maybe they do cause Black officers and Brown officers will go down before white ones.

Guess What Just Happened?!


On Thursday October 25th, the Sacramento Police Department announced that they had concluded their investigation into the MURDER of Stephon Clark. They gave all these validations for the time frame and to justify it. They gave nada on their results.

Right before Cheif Hahn was selected as Cheif, I was being terrorized on a regular basis by law enforcement.

I used to live in Hollywood Park. When I lived there I was regularly terrorized by LE and Nazi assholes.

Allies: White People, White Peopling is Toxic to Black People Trying to Survive White Supremacy

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There is nothing more hurtful and angering, than watching a group of non Black people philosophize Black pain.

There is nothing more hurtful and angering, than watching a group of non Black people philosophize white power.

There is nothing more hurtful and angering, than watching a group of non Black people center themselves while they discuss how they can show up for Black liberation. (white racial healing, i need to be educated more before i fight, im trying to get used to this, i want to do better before i get in there, i am more concerned with fucking up, than doing the work that needs to be done now so lets talk about it online and call it work)

I Got Fake People Showin Fake Love to Me, Straight Up to My Face

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Before you read this, please note that not everyone does these things or has selfish intentions. Some people are genuine. I know who they are. I know who my family is, and isn’t. I know that I have a lot of genuine and beautiful love around me in the spaces I spend time in. I don’t fault anyone for being intrigued or their admiration. This about folks being selfish and masking their selfish needs with the false idea of love. This about manipulators and vampires. People that suck the life out of you and compliment you while they do it. This is about the dehumanization of the people burning themselves out for their actual love for people. We show our love with our work.

Why You Always Gotta Make it About Race?

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Why do you always make it about race?

Because when you are a Black human being living in an anti-Black world, everything you do is always about race. Just existing is a political statement. Having moments of happiness is revolutionary and we have to actually be intentional to have them.