I am Not Magic

  The things we create/do are not “magic” They are from our intelligence. Our physical strength. Our mental endurance. Our experiences. Our street smarts. Our book smarts. Our will. Our ambition. Our ability to thrive in fucked up circumstances. (not a reason to do it tho) Our kindness. Our empathy for others. Even our “weaknesses” […]

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What White People Want…

On a daily basis these are the things, expectations, requests, and assumptions from white folks. teach me. show me. prove that to me. did you steal something? let me protect you. hold me im sad for how i treated you. hold me im sad cause me too. tell me you love me so everyone can […]

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  Lived in Pollock Pines on Sesame St Piles of pancakes Homemade jam Backyard of acres of forrest Feeding chickens lettuce Mack, the Labrador Molly, the elderly poodle Granpa snoring in his recliner while watching MASH Gramma yelling at him for snoring Separate Bedrooms (snoring) Singing “twinkle twinkle” when I would go pee Falling asleep […]

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Black Men Tho

I fucks wit Black men So when you see me, I will be making sure that the formerly and currently incarcerated, the targeted, the hanging out, the pants saggin, the gold teeth, the dreads with blonde tips, the “they wont hire me,” the “down for whatever,” the under school-educated and underinvested in, the underestimated, the […]

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I Am Not Here For It

The other day I made a post on facebook, it said: “I dont like when folks celebratize me (new word). I really really dont like it. I am goofy. I am clumsy. I make mistakes. I go hard but cry harder. Just love on me. Support me. Be an honest friend with me. I am […]

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I’m From Oak Park

I’m from the Blackest neighborhood in Sacramento. Every Black person in Sacramento is related to someone from my hood. No matter where they grew up.  They done took our neighborhood, chopped it up into sections, and are now trying to dilute it, capitalize off of it, exploit it, and white liberalize it.  Everyone is just […]

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Why You Keep Protesting?

Shutting shit down/protests agitate With enough people agitation gets media attn Media tells the people The people become informed Informed people mobilize People’s voices are heard by their target Target gets removed or changes their actions *Every tactic serves a purpose* Let’s agitate, inform, mobilize, be heard, and change everything that’s wrong in our system.

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