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I am Not Magic


The things we create/do are not “magic”
They are from our intelligence.
Our physical strength.
Our mental endurance.
Our experiences.
Our street smarts.
Our book smarts.
Our will.
Our ambition.
Our ability to thrive in fucked up circumstances. (not a reason to do it tho)
Our kindness.
Our empathy for others.

Even our “weaknesses” are our strengths.
We are mentally and physically capable of doing great things.
Our shit is so good that everyone wants to steal it and call it their idea.
Steal our creations and ideas.

Our brilliance aint just in universities!
Our brilliance is in these streets!
Our brilliance is in foster homes.
Our brilliance is in minimum wage jobs.
Our brilliance is on assembly lines.
Our brilliance is selling you candy bars and telling you its for a basketball camp.
Our brilliance is in beat up cars, on bikes, and in old schools sitting on 24’s.
Our brilliance is in OUR MUSIC
Our brilliance is in the way she braids hair!
Our brilliance is in a homemade studio creating futuristic beats.

We are everywhere and we are brilliant and you cannot take our minds from us.
Meanwhile we will keep fighting to get back everything you took from us.


PS: Stop Killing Us!