iTanya – Dumping Capitalism

Civil Rights, Community, Liberation, Me, Sacramento, Self Care

I worked for Apple starting June of 2013.
Apple paid very well.
I gained hella knowledge.
I am a muthafuckin Black techie till I die.
Apple had a great cafe.
Apple had a bomb ass gym for 6.00 a month.
I had good benefits.
I worked hard and moved up the ladder.
The customers tho….abusive as fuck.
Like, I don’t get anxiety attacks but I did there.
Then Apple implied a lot that I needed to hide who I was when it came to BLM.


Black Women Aren’t Women to White Men

Civil Rights, Community, Me, Misogynoir, Sacramento

Today was the second time in the last week where a white man came up to me and spoke to me like I was another man. Like I wasn’t a woman. They wanted to confront me and fight me…physically. I didn’t provoke. I know I can and will but I didn’t. Last week someone was filming us and I asked who he was with and he ran up on me in a rage telling me he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants…that he can record me if he wants. Then he rushed off. Today a white man came up to¬†me telling me that if I bring this specific sign to the DA’s office again “there is going to be a fucking problem.”

He said, repeatedly, “we are not pigs” (naw actual pigs are better). He was probably 2 inches from me with his chest in my face….normally im on some “nigga what” but all I could think was that I didnt have anything on me to protect myself from him …and the capitol…and getting stabbed up. He made the threat again and then walked away.