You Gon’ Learn!

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Where are we when nazi’s feel bold enough to walk in these streets declaring their whiteness?

How about the police?

I know in Sac we are out here dying every couple months from law enforcement, nationally its fucking more ridiculous and GLOBALLY we are trash to this white ass world.

They keep calling people of color minorities but we are the majority of this world!

A few days ago a security guard got killed by police for doing his fucking job!


And the police that took his life are trying to paint this like they honored him as if he was an officer….Hey and maybe they do cause Black officers and Brown officers will go down before white ones.


Sacramento We Need to FIGHT!


Issues happening locally that affect you directly:

City of Sacramento:

>Sacramento Police Department

-unlimited and real time city camera surveillance without any regulation

-killing of unarmed people

-Use of Force policy allows for no accountability

-Oversight Commission has no power over misconduct

-No policy requiring information on police killings

-No punishment for police killings