Why You Always Gotta Make it About Race?

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Why do you always make it about race?

Because when you are a Black human being living in an anti-Black world, everything you do is always about race. Just existing is a political statement. Having moments of happiness is revolutionary and we have to actually be intentional to have them.


A Love Letter to Black Women

by Sara Vipond Brink
Dear Black Women,
I’m a white woman. I’m not a respected commentator, or a public figure, or a leader in a movement. I neither have authority nor do I represent anyone beyond myself. In fact, I’m not representative of the majority of white women who just made the stunningly misogynistic decision to vote a sexual predator into the presidency. But it’s been nearly two weeks since the election, and I have not seen one white woman publicly take responsibility for the damage we just did to you, even though I’ve seen many of you publicly point out our silence. I’ve never seen any white woman apologize directly for any of the damage we’ve ever done you.