Why You Always Gotta Make it About Race?

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Why do you always make it about race?

Because when you are a Black human being living in an anti-Black world, everything you do is always about race. Just existing is a political statement. Having moments of happiness is revolutionary and we have to actually be intentional to have them.


Anti-Blackness in the Movement

Civil Rights, Education, Politics, Rant

In the beginning.

Europeans captured us, put us on several boats. Gave us illnesses that our bodies weren’t used to, and as a result many of us died. Those of us that survived were landed on various continents to be free labor.

While they picked the strongest of us, they were also intimidated by our strength. So they beat us. They continuously showed us who was boss by beating us into submission.

They also used religion.

They also used morality.

They instilled in us that patience and prayer will bring us better days.

They taught us to turn the cheek because it makes you a better and stronger person.

To this day, many of our people are not awake and still live by these standards.