A Love Letter to Black Women

by Sara Vipond Brink Dear Black Women, I’m a white woman. I’m not a respected commentator, or a public figure, or a leader in a movement. I neither have authority nor do I represent anyone beyond myself. In fact, I’m not representative of the majority of white women who just made the stunningly misogynistic decision […]

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How Come I Can’t Act Mad?

“A riot is the language of the unheard.  -Martin Luther King, Jr.” Hmmph! By now you know about Trayvon Martin, and how his murderer George Zimmerman, was found to be “not guilty.” It gets pretty redundant, typing out all of the reasons he should have been found guilty. Discussing how dumb and/or racist the jurors […]

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I wrote a piece called Negrophobia a while back but it vanished into the interwebs somewhere so I am going to try this again. I previously talked about a woman who was vital to the woman’s suffrage movement. She fought hard for women’s rights. She was inspired by even the thought of blacks in America having any […]

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