Cali underground rap music, diverse multi-ethnic environment and upbringing, Oak Park Sacramento Ca (the hood and the people in it), Sacramento High School, McClatchy High School, liberal ideology. Experience in intra-prejudice. Demanding personality. Firm emotions in concerns involving equal treatment and fairness. HUGE love of animals, ART, MUSIC. Love of culture and history. Catholic school, Christian school, Public School, various churches….mix all that up and you get me. It’s why I can love opera, relate to rap, and sing with pop. It’s why I hate guns, but wish every black person had one. It’s why I can understand the argument for and against blacks saying “nigga,” and can ask white people why they even think their opinions on blacks using it is needed. It’s why I KNOW you can tighten your boot straps, work hard, and always be poor. It’s why I can relate to discrimination against any person for any reason. It’s why I acknowledge a higher being, but hate how we have manipulated him/her/it to be what we want.

Don’t judge me. I am secure in my thoughts and opinions. I am also still learning. ‪#‎runandgotellthat‬

Tanya is the founder of Incite Insight and moderator of Facebook pages such as Liberal and Proud of it, Police the Police, Yup! That’s Racist, and a few others…




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  1. Hello, Ms. Faison. My name is Angela Shortt, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the development of Black Lives Matter in Sacramento. I’ve been here since 1973, and Black people, in my opinion, has been lackadaisical about social justice movements. I was all about it, but I couldn’t find anyone who was interested back in the day. Compared to the way things were for too many years, Sacramento is “woke”.

    By the way, I graduated from Luther Burbank High School in 1976, and one of my best friends was Veronica Faison. She had three sisters Sharon, Sheilah, Cathy, and two brothers, Frank Jr. and Robert. Her parents were Frank and Bernice Faison. We lost Ronnie back in the 2005, and I still miss her.

    I wish I could join you in this very important cause, but I’m disabled and in a wheelchair. I live on disability, so I don’t have money to contribute. What I can do is write and edit. I was a journalist and a college basic writing instructor once upon a time. I would be honored to help you if you ever need my skills.

    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you for the work you’re doing. Saying and sending prayers for you and all of your coworkers for continuous success.

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