Tanya Faison is a grassroots activist, community leader, educator and mystical Leo Bruja with deep powers to motivate the masses and move mountains in the name of justice. Fed up with anti Black racism she saw in both her hometown of Sacramento, as well as on the national news, she founded Incite Insight in 2014. Incite Insight evolves into the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter in 2015 and Tanya has lead the chapter since it’s beginning stages.
Under Tanya’s leadership, BLM Sacramento has: Inserted Blackness and brought focus to Black issues in City Council meetings almost weekly for X years; Fought for a community led police oversight commission; Compassionately humanized and made household names of the 13? Black men murdered by police in our city since she started her work; Organized two Freedom Schools; Brought attention to racism in the classroom in many of our local schools; Created many Black love community building events; Taken the streets through countless actions; Kept the name of Stephon Clark in the public eye and has continued to apply pressure to the district attorney to file charges by protesting in front of her office 3 days a week.
Tanya is a gifted orator and public speaker who has appeared on CNN and has been quoted in national publications from Huffington Post to the Root. She is available to speak to groups or do educational sessions for an organization on a variety of topics:
Know Your Rights while Black Civil Disobedience Community Organizing Black Liberation & Abolition Sacramento Local Government 101 Empowerment for Black and Brown Women How to Ally
Please feel free to contact Tanya to organize a group session.



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  1. Hello, Ms. Faison. My name is Angela Shortt, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the development of Black Lives Matter in Sacramento. I’ve been here since 1973, and Black people, in my opinion, has been lackadaisical about social justice movements. I was all about it, but I couldn’t find anyone who was interested back in the day. Compared to the way things were for too many years, Sacramento is “woke”.

    By the way, I graduated from Luther Burbank High School in 1976, and one of my best friends was Veronica Faison. She had three sisters Sharon, Sheilah, Cathy, and two brothers, Frank Jr. and Robert. Her parents were Frank and Bernice Faison. We lost Ronnie back in the 2005, and I still miss her.

    I wish I could join you in this very important cause, but I’m disabled and in a wheelchair. I live on disability, so I don’t have money to contribute. What I can do is write and edit. I was a journalist and a college basic writing instructor once upon a time. I would be honored to help you if you ever need my skills.

    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you for the work you’re doing. Saying and sending prayers for you and all of your coworkers for continuous success.

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