Lived in Pollock Pines on Sesame St
Piles of pancakes
Homemade jam
Backyard of acres of forrest
Feeding chickens lettuce
Mack, the Labrador
Molly, the elderly poodle
Granpa snoring in his recliner while watching MASH
Gramma yelling at him for snoring
Separate Bedrooms (snoring)
Singing “twinkle twinkle” when I would go pee
Falling asleep on the couch in the day for naps and hearing the grandfather clock
Falling asleep on the couch at night and the news voices waking me up
She danced by shaking her hips and slapping them on one side, I would copy her
Teaching me inappropriate songs for kids
Raised by her father
Her mother died when she was 8
Too much food in her cupboards cause at a time in her life they only had beans and potatoes
Never drank ever
never smoked ever
Also never worked in a job ever
Survived cancer
Hella stubborn (taurus)
Hella outspoken
Made friends with everyone
Hated fake people
Didnt respect “weak” people (a problem)
Looked up to strong folks
Called me poopsy
She hella loved me and I miss her



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