Black Men Tho

I fucks wit Black men

So when you see me, I will be making sure that the formerly and currently incarcerated, the targeted, the hanging out, the pants saggin, the gold teeth, the dreads with blonde tips, the “they wont hire me,” the “down for whatever,” the under school-educated and underinvested in, the underestimated, the mommas, wives, and girlfriends of all of the above…are completely represented.

Period. Point. Blank.

They are not gonna kill us off and hold us down.
We are a systemically oppressed people but we are also beautiful and magical. We have strength and courage that cant be explained with words. We will keep going. When one of us is down for a moment, we will find another to pick up and carry that torch. Your methods of holding us down will not work. Not if I can help it.

PS: If you dont stick up for the sistas and the femme’s, please do not “like” this post. You gotta give, to get some of this.

UNITED STATES – AUGUST 14: Demonstrators march on W. Florissant Ave., in Ferguson, Mo., August 14, 2014, during a gathering to show concern over the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen killed August 9th by a Ferguson police officer. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)



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