Why You Always Gotta Make it About Race?

Civil Rights, Education, Liberation, Me, Misogynoir, Rant

Why do you always make it about race?

Because when you are a Black human being living in an anti-Black world, everything you do is always about race. Just existing is a political statement. Having moments of happiness is revolutionary and we have to actually be intentional to have them. From being a child to a teenager to a young adult to an adult and then elder, each phase of your life you are having to not only grow as a normal human does, you have to also navigate through white supremacy, strive to love yourself unapologetically, learn how to respond to racism and anti Blackness, figure out how to love your people, figure out how to love your families, be in and learn how to create spaces to thrive in, and the list goes on. We don’t have the luxury of having “normal” lives with normal challenges. You wanna talk about intersections? We got em when we don’t got em. No matter your gender or orientation. We got our own folks pointing at us to be more intelligent so that we will be accepted by white supremacy, while white supremacy keeps good education out of our neighborhoods. We sposed to love ourselves when all we see is everyone not loving us.

My every second is about race.

How come you always trying to not make it about race?


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