Black Bodies

An old post reborn from today’s news:

Black bodies being tossed around, kicked around, tested on, cut into, deformed and mutilated, tugged by the limbs and throat, swung by the hair, sold, hung by ropes at the neck, shot up 21 times to one backside, killed. Our system definitely views Black bodies with less value. If you can’t see it, it’s cause you don’t want to. This is why we have to keep insisting that black lives matter. And you betta not say you can relate to it just because you empathize with it. Knowing how little value Black bodies have within our system, definitely sets the premise of how to feel when confronted by police, how much hope to have in our system and all its elected/appointed/hired people. Anxiety, PTSD, depression are real out here in these Black bodies.


today’s news:


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