Sacramento We Need to FIGHT!



Issues happening locally that affect you directly:

City of Sacramento:

>Sacramento Police Department
-unlimited and real time city camera surveillance without any regulation
-killing of unarmed people
-Use of Force policy allows for no accountability
-Oversight Commission has no power over misconduct
-No policy requiring information on police killings
-No punishment for police killings

>City Council
-Responsible for gentrification in districts 4 (midtown, seavey circle/new helvetia), 5 (oak park, colonial heights), and soon to be 2 (Del Paso Heights) (all neighborhoods that are predominately and historically Black – displacing people of color who now make up the majority of people without homes)
-Strong ties and relationships with Sacramento Police cause for biased decisions and unlimited approval of police funding
-Strong relationships with developers, real estate agents, investors – ensuring the ongoing unregulated gentrification
-Made it against the law to feed people that are homeless, without a permit
-Made it illegal for people that are homeless to be asleep outside
-Redefined what “affordable housing” means
-Required developers make “affordable housing” and then walked it back when no one was looking
-No accountability on “Promise Zone” funding. we have no record of how the money is being spent
-Criminalizing people that are homeless by detaining, imposing fees, and then jailing when unable to pay hundreds in fees because they are without homes.
-Large donations from local police unions, correctional officer unions, and probation unions to ensure votes in favor of law enforcement locally.
-Unwilling to create any ordinance that creates police accountability and transparency
-Not taking the people seriously when the people utilize their democratic rights to be heard in council meetings (ignoring, looking at phones, reading the newspaper, etc)
-No cost of living increases with mild wage increases over a course of 5 years
-No regulation of rent increases, while no cost of living wage increases

>Media (newspapers, news)
-Unwilling to investigate and report without bias
-Relies on law enforcement for the “facts” around stories that could incriminate law enforcement – shaping a bias public opinion

County of Sacramento:

>Sheriff Oversight
-created for sheriff oversight but has 3 Sheriff representatives and 5 appointed by the sheriff to oversee what the sheriff does
-Created a Inspector General position for oversight of the sheriff but the sheriff appointed him and he is a 30 veteran of the Sacramento Police Dept.

>Sacramento Sheriff Department
-Has had the most police involved shootings of unarmed people
-Has cost the city over 15 million in law suits for rape, torture, excessive force, in custody deaths, etc
-Lets officers with long records of abuse and murder continue to serve as deputies.
-Elected Sheriff maintains unethical practices and relationships with businesses that profit off of his influence
-Elected Sheriff has been accused and sued for sexual assault on female deputies

State of California:

-State has the most people murdered by Police in 2016 and possibly 2016
-Refuses to create any oversight regardless of a democratic majority (bills have been created but never pass due to police union donations/relationships with politicians)
–No cost of living increases with mild wage increases over a course of 5 years
-No regulation of rent increases, while no cost of living wage increases

Please feel free to join us in fighting these issues where the people can actually effect change that would help the very people you see in your community on a daily basis. As well as yourselves.


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