Anti-Blackness in the Movement

Civil Rights, Education, Politics, Rant

In the beginning.

Europeans captured us, put us on several boats. Gave us illnesses that our bodies weren’t used to, and as a result many of us died. Those of us that survived were landed on various continents to be free labor.

While they picked the strongest of us, they were also intimidated by our strength. So they beat us. They continuously showed us who was boss by beating us into submission.

They also used religion.

They also used morality.

They instilled in us that patience and prayer will bring us better days.

They taught us to turn the cheek because it makes you a better and stronger person.

To this day, many of our people are not awake and still live by these standards.

To this day many people still feed us these submissive ways when it comes time to stand up for ourselves and calling out problems when we see them.


The point.

This isn’t just a way of thinking for blatantly racist assholes. This is embedded in our culture. It hides what is right and enables everything that is wrong. We see these methods of oppression not only embraced and practice by our own people, who think that this is the right way to navigate through our oppressed lives, we see this in the very systems that we are trying to create to take this madness down.

We see this in our folks that claim to be awake, and fighting for what is right.

Anti-Blackness is not an illness, it is a choice.

Once you learn what is right and wrong, it is up to you to continue to emulate what is wrong or fight for what is right. Where are you?

One thing I see a lot of in this movement is different groups of folks reaching out to us to support their causes, their actions, their fights.

That sounds light huh?

These folks will message us at all available methods of contact. When we say we are unable, we are begged, lobbied, they try everything to convince us to show up. Our names have been used without our permission and after we have declined. We have had to fight to be respected within this very movement.

Then on top of that, when we do decide to support, rarely do I see it reciprocated.

Is it laziness? Is it competition? Are we being used? What is it that makes folks feel  entitled enough to demand and plea with us to show up to their shit, but won’t lift a finger for a place in this fight for Black liberation? How come our fight is looked at as an option, while everything else is “desperate measures?”

I used to think it was just people centering themselves while screaming out solidarity [for them], but then I noticed how much support we get when we are supporting other movements. I noticed how many folks I have as friends on social media, who will never lift not even one name of any Black person killed by Sacramento law enforcement. I have “friends” that never ever share a post of the many inequalities toward Black people that happen in our own city. We get no collective efforts when it comes to our fight for, at the least, equal treatment.  None of ya’ll are inviting people, sharing, aligning with us in our movement. As soon as we hold an action, or show solidarity, for a cause that is not Black liberation (example: Right2Rest, StandingRock, Palestine, etc) then folks come out of the wood works. People that you know are active in Sacramento activism; all of the sudden are 100% behind us while we fight for someone else.

What the fuck is this.

Anti-Blackness is not an illness. Anti-Blackness is a choice.

None of us are free till all Black people are free. We are the most oppressed group and within us are the most oppressed intersections.

Many of you can recite that shit because you learned it somewhere along the way, but can you live it?

Can you fight for something at home that you have the direct ability to effect? Are you afraid to fight for things that you can actually change?

What is your excuse for dehumanizing Dazion Flenaugh, Adriene Ludd, or Joseph Mann?

What is your reason for you emulating the very thing that you claim you are fighting?

Ya’ll work like dogs to get Black folks behind your cause but are silent on our pain, on our displacement, on the criminalizing of our children, on the dismantling of our families, on the alarming numbers of our incarcerated, on the lynching’s, on the police murders, on the anti-Black language and actions of our school officials, on the lack of oversight of government on the issues that largely affect us.

Where! The fuck! Are you!?!

Dear activist community, your anti Blackness is showing. We are all going to learn from it, and it is going to change. We are going to call it out as we see it until ya’ll face yourselves and change the way in how you emulate the very  things you say you are fighting. We will continue to call you out and you will be seen, and be forced to choose. There is nothing harder than fighting this huge system, and at the same time fighting those that claim to be fighting it with you.

Being in these streets is real

Fighting these systems and oppressions is our duty!

This very thing happened in the suffrage movement, and others.  People fought for changes for themselves, even if it meant excluding others. Then turning around and ignoring the call to action for Black folks to be free.

It is 2016, and you will not isolate and silence us with your apathy to making sure #BlackLivesMatter



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