I wrote a piece called Negrophobia a while back but it vanished into the interwebs somewhere so I am going to try this again.

I previously talked about a woman who was vital to the woman’s suffrage movement. She fought hard for women’s rights. She was inspired by even the thought of blacks in America having any kind of rights or freedom. She wasn’t inspired in the way you would assume, being that blacks and women were treated as second hand citizens during her lifetime. She wasn’t inspired by their struggles or needs. Instead she was spiteful of the rights (if that’s what you want to call them) blacks began to have when they were “freed” from slavery. So when she fought for the rights of a woman, black women were not included, and she did so with the hopes of hindering the rights of black men specifically.

Oh, by the way, her name is Rebecca Latimer Felton.


One of Felton’s most infamous quotes is:

“if it takes lynching to protect women’s dearest possession from drunken, ravening human beasts, then I say lynch a thousand a week.”

She said this while complaining that white women weren’t getting enough attention because white men were out raping black women. She wanted white men to defend white women by killing black men. To keep white women safe.

..and it worked.

According to

“Felton was a white supremacist. She claimed, for instance, that the more money that Georgia spent on black education, the more crimes blacks committed. For the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition, she “proposed a southern exhibit ‘illustrating the slave period,’ with a cabin and ‘real colored folks making mats, shuck collars, and baskets—a woman to spin and card cotton—and another to play banjo and show the actual life of [the] slave—not the Uncle Tom sort.'” She wanted to display “the ignorant contented darky—as distinguished from [Harriet Beecher] Stowe’s monstrosities.”

Felton considered “young blacks” who sought equal treatment “half-civilized gorillas,” and ascribed to them a “brutal lust” for white women. While seeking suffrage for women, she decried voting rights for blacks, arguing that it led directly to the rape of white women.”

Her words were part of the reason for the Wilmington North Carolina race riots.

The real reason I wrote about this woman was to emphasize a historical point. This woman was huge in history as far as woman’s rights and suffrage. While at the same time she was the snake’s venom when it came to true equality. If you look up white privilege in the encyclopedia her picture should be there. In her eyes, only whites needed equality and only white women should be treated equally to white men.

To this very day there are many issues going on nationally and globally involving women of color. None of these issues are addressed by the many women’s rights organizations. Yet when one woman gets called a slut by a radio talk show host all hell breaks lose. Just a slut, and only by a radio host. Now women’a rights groups weren’t the only ones coming to her defense, but the black community as well.

Shirley Sherrod was targeted by the right wing. The right twisted, and manipulated her words to make her seem racist. When in fact she was being quite the opposite. I didn’t see any women’s groups come out in defense of that.

Michelle Obama is attacked continuously in the most sexist ways. From comments about her butt to whether or not her arms should be showing, yet not once has anyone in the feminist community come out and defended our first lady and shut down the hate from these asswipes in our government, as well as the media.

How come women’s rights only seems to pertain to white women. How come black women aren’t being defended?

Same with the LGBT community. They don’t have the racist history as others do in our countries timeline but when the rights of gays are trampled on, we join together to let the world know that it has to stop. You got Al Sharpton speaking out for gay rights and women’s rights. The NAACP has made statements. Where was the gay and lesbian community when Trayvon Martin or Jordan Davis was murdered. How come the LGBT and Feminist community don’t speak out about racial profiling and police abuse of minorities?

Don’t get me wrong. I am one of the few who think that human rights is what it is. I think that civil rights applies to all, not just specific groups. So I will always fight for the rights of ANYONE who is coming up short on the side of equality. I think this is something we need to fight for and fight hard! It would sure be nice to get some help though.

This problem with race sure didn’t just pop up because of black people, so it damn sure wont go away with only black people. The only way we can even begin to take steps forward, is if we are taking steps together.



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